Enlighten My Loafers

Sean Taylor in "Message: Body Positivity. SEND"

Season 2 Episode 7
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This week’s guest is Sean Taylor, a plus size fashion advocate who works in social media and was on a little Netflix reality competition show called “The Circle”!

Sean talks “The Circle,” the message she wanted to send with her catfish storyline, packing for her big TV debut, how she landed in “The Circle,” and the hurdles being a plus size person in the fashion industry and also, y’know, the world.

(Also, at one point I say “cystic fibrosis” when I mean “cerebral palsy,” which was a brain fart moment for me—my first on this show, I’m sure!)

You can follow Sean on Instagram at @heyseantaylor. Follow @enlightenmyloafers on Instagram for show notes, style inspo, and more.

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