Enlighten My Loafers

Clothes are complicated, but also very necessary! Enlighten My Loafers is here to get answers. Each episode, host Brett White (Decider, Must Have Seen TV) talks to an expert about their personal style, shopping habits, areas of interest, and more. Join Brett on his mission to learn as much about putting an outfit together as he knows about the 1991 lineup of X-Men teams.


Trailer: Slip This On

Season 1

1. Jesse Thorn in "Fine Vintage"

2. Ad Butler in "The Swimsuit Issue"

3. Jared Harris in "Pryce of Style"

4. Bruce Sturgell in "Extended Universe"

5. Brady O'Callahan in "Well Suited"

6. Johnathan Fernandez in "Shop Talk"

7. Kelly Sue DeConnick in "Selfie Power"

8. Joseph Aaron Segal in "Pretty Knitting"

9. Season 1 Finale Mailbag

10. The Holiday Special

Season 2

1. Adam Conover in "The Menswear Thing"

2. Matt Fox & Enrique Crame III in "Fine & Dandy"

3. Erica Henderson in "Nuts For Fashion"

4. Nat Towsen in "Keep It Simple"

5. Kelly Dempsey in "From Basement To Runway"

6. Mitchell Moss in "Menswear Musings"

7. Sean Taylor in "Message: Body Positivity. SEND"

8. Season 1 Challenge Update!

9. Liam Jeffries in "A Very Sartorial Chap"

10. Season 2 Finale Mailbag: STAY HOME!

Season 3

1. Jeremy Kirkland in "Oasis Meets The Beatles"

2. Nina West in "Go Big. Be Kind. Go West."

3. #ReleaseTheSnyderWatch

4. Amanda Valentine in "That's My Girl"

5. Sergio Guadarrama & Kade Johnson in "The Celestino Moment"

6. Aleks Cvetkovic in "The Man Who Wears the Clothes"


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