Enlighten My Loafers

Jeremy Kirkland in "Oasis Meets The Beatles"

Season 3 Episode 1
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This week’s guest is Jeremy Kirkland, a podcaster / blogger / community-builder known for his style podcast “Blamo!” and for being the nicest guy in menswear. It is incredibly true that this here podcast would not exist if it wasn’t for “Blamo!,” so you know this is a big episode!

Jeremy talks about breaking into the stylist game and building a totally unique podcast community, and he also talks me off a ledge or three!

You can follow Jeremy on Instagram at @thekirkland. Follow @enlightenmyloafers on Instagram for show notes, style inspo, and more. And be sure to listen to the other half of the Season 3 premiere, my chat with “RuPaul’s Drag Race’s” Nina West!

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